Burwell, Cambridgeshire: Priory Wood's Apple trees

Priory Wood contains over 90 apple tree. Some of the obvious ones are are very good eating apples. Others are indifferent. Many in the depths of the wood are struggling as apples cannot compete with the more rubust neighbours, so they will eventually die. These out-competed apple-trees do not flower or fruit well and a few are very stunted or badly cankered. A few of the wood-centre trees do have some fruit at the very tops. The wood-edge ones are better and some fruit well. Very few that I have tried are inedible, some are very good eating apples. This page eventually will list some of their features.

In 2017 I made cider vinegar with some apples from Reach Road. This was so good that in 2017 I combined their juice with that from some from our own eating apples and with juice from some of these trees and made some very tasty cider. 2018 was a very good year for apples, with a wet winter and spring. The winter and spring of 2019 were extremely dry - not good for apples and, as many apples tend to fruit biannually, many of the trees are not blossoming well in 2019 and many, deep in the wood, not at all. Many (most) of the ones deep in the woods are unlikely to survive - some have grown very tall, trying to compete but are being out-competed.

I kept on finding trees so eventually I start numbering then with a label stapled to each tree - which enabled me to avoid duplication but later numbers are not associated with location - simply in the order I found the tree!

There is a map of the wood showing apple tree numbers. This is a large png file. So there is also a pdf file of the wood, split over 2 A4 pages. There may be more trees and I need help to collect details, so if you are interested, please contact me.

Note No. Flowering 2019 Fruit Edibility Size Comment
a 1 v. few
a 2 some v. good Medium. Late flowering
a 3 few
a 4 v. few Indifferent Small Very late flowering and fruiter, Biennial
aP? 5 Excellent
a 6 Good
aPC 7 few
aC 8 few
aC 9 v. few
a 10 few medium tree
a 11 v. few
a 12 few very near a fallen tree
a 13 none v. small tree, overshadowed
a 14 excellent large tree, sunny position
a 15 none v. small tree
a 16 good multi-stemmed
a 17 good
a 18 good
a 19 v. few tall tree
a 20 none v. weak
a 21 none weak
a 22 none overshadowed
aP 23 none small tree
a 24 none v. small tree, overshadowed
aP 25 none small tree but growing
a 26 none tall tree
a 27 none tall tree, overshadowed
a 28 none overshadowed
a 29 none weak and stunted
a 30 none 29-32 are in a dark part of the wood.
a 31 none
a 32 none cankered small tree
aP 33 none cankered, overshadowed
a 34 none part damaged by fallen tree
a 35 none overshadowed
a 36 some tall tree, by path
a 37 good large tree, sunny position
a 38 some
a 39 some overshadowed but near path
a 40 few tall tree
a 41
a 42 some weak tree
a 43 none
a 44 some
aP 45 few
a 46 few bad canker, overshadowed
a 47 good
a 48 good
a 49 some
a 50 few 50 and 51 are very close but between them is a large birch
a 51 few
a 52 few
a 53 none small tree
a 54 some Good Large Like Royal Gala
aP 55 some Indifferent Biennial
aP 56 good Indifferent
a 57 some
a 58 few
a 59 few overshadowed
a 60 few small tree
a 61 none tree is near horizontal
62 none
63 v. few
C 64 few
65 none small tree
C 66 few
67 few medium tree
C 68 none
69 few medium tree
C 70 some
C 71none
72 few small tree
73 some
74 none These two are densely crowded at top
75 none
a 76 good tall trees, near wood edge but occluded by cherry saplings
aC 77 few
78 none
79 none small tree
80 none
81 few
82 none
83 none v. small, stunted
84 none
85 some
86 none v. small tree
87 none 2019. Bad infestation of woolly aphid
88 none small tree
89 none
90 none small tree
91 none
92 none small tree
93 none small tree bent over by a fallen tree
94 none Large tree single trunk.

Next to Priory Wood is Burwell community Orchard, planted in early 2019. It has many apple trees as well as other top fruit.

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