Burwell, Cambridgeshire: Community Orchard

There is a clickable map. If you know the number of the tree you can click on this to take you to the list of varieties, below. There is also a pdf file for printing.

On Saturday 12th January 2019 a community orchard was planted in Priory meadow. This meadow, next to Priory wood (which has many apple trees), already had five mature walnut trees so was an obvious choice of location.

Although the orchard was planned and organised by "A group of Pauline's Swamp-related people" (presumably trustees of Pauline's Swamp - to which I am an advisor) I was not informed or asked for advice. The result is an orchard mostly on the most vigorous rootstocks available so many are unlikely to fruit for 5 or 6 years (i.e. before 2024) and which will eventually reach a height of 20-30 ft. So you will need a very tall ladder to reach most of the apples and pears. There is one Bramley on M106 which shoud grow to about 12-15 ft. The plums and gages are generally smaller trees anyway.


There is a second list in number order which has more detail.
Map Species Variety Rootstock
19 Apple Ashmead's Kernel M25
21 Apple Ashmead's Kernel
14 Apple Blenheim Orange
18 Apple Bramley
26 Apple Bramley M106
15 Apple Egremont Russet M25
16 Apple Ellison's Orange
11 Apple James Grieve
22 Apple Laxton's Superb
23 Apple Ribston Pippin
25 Apple William Crump
20 Apple Worcester Pearmain
1 Damson Aylesbury Prune St Julien A
13 Damson Aylesbury Prune
3 Gage Cambridge Wavit
4 Gage Old Greengage Brompton
5 Gage Willingham St Julien A
24 Medlar Nottingham Quince A
7 Pear Conference Kirchensaller
8 Pear Humbug
10 Pear Concorde
6 Plum Marjorie's Seedling St Julien A
2 Plum River's Early
9 Plum Warwickshire Drooper
12 Plum Yellow Pershore
17 Quince Meech's Prolific Quince A

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